Live Sketching

Live sketching is hugely popular right now, both here in Australia and globally.  I can regularly be found producing quick fashion portraits of guests at music festivals, store launches, the races, weddings, and much more.

There are many options for how live sketching can work, including the style of illustrations you're after, just how fast you need them done, full-length figures vs face portraits etc.  Some of my live sketching clients include Myer, Mecca Cosmetica, Mimco, Westfield, Reiss London, and many more.

Head shot brush & Ink portraits.jpg

Brush & Ink head shot portraits

A beautiful and personal portrait option is to focus on the face. This particularly suits beauty/cosmetic brands or hair stylists.


Full-length fashion sketches

Classic fashion sketches that feature the person's look. A great memento of the day, remembering how fabulous they looked, and you will never look as good as in a fashion illustration!